Grip Strength Trainer X

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Here's what makes it a game-changer:

🚀 Build rock-solid hand and forearm strength, perfect for crushing any task.

💥 Say goodbye to fatigue with enhanced grip endurance, so you can go the distance without slowing down.

🎯 Boost your precision and coordination, unlocking new levels of performance in your passion, whether it's sports, music, or daily life.

🔒 Protect yourself from injuries with a sturdy grip, giving you the confidence to push your limits safely.

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The grip strength training device is equipped with a high-precision stress gauge sensor. 
The compact grip training device can store up to 8 user files for easy tracking of progress.

 This grip training device adds a counting function, which can record up to 1999 exercises. Each time you use it, you can easily adjust the resistance of 11-190 pounds (about 5-89.8 kg) according to your needs to maximize your exercise needs.

Sports equipment and injury rehabilitation

The grip enhancer forearm grip is very suitable for improving the strength and speed of the wrist, fingers and forearm. It is not only a good choice for rock climbers, tennis players, athletes and musicians, it enhances the flexibility of fingers and wrists, but also very suitable for people who suffer from arthritis, tendinitis, carpal tunnel fractures and recovery from tendon surgery.

Easy to use and save your data record

The grip strength trainer has a large LCD screen, which clearly displays all measurement data on the same screen. The displayed size includes user code, age, gender, grip value (lbs or kilograms), and grip status. The maximum grip value is displayed and the weak, normal or strong power levels can be saved and easily recalled for comparison.

Best Gift

Grip Strength Enhancer-Very suitable for sports training, sports, family and clinical use. It is very suitable as a special gift/present for birthdays, New Year's Day, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas.



Brand Name: LEXNESS
Type of sports: Strength Training Forearm
Training Site: Hand
Model Number: Grip Strength Trainer X
Function:  Forearm
Colour: White
Material: Plastic

Package Contents:
1 * Grip Strength Trainer
1 * USB cable